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"Bunions" is the term used to describe the condition Hallux Abducto-Valgus or (HAV). This is a condition typically recognised by the lump which develops at the ball of the foot, and the positional change of the big toe drifting toward the 2nd toe.

It is a common condition that can be very painful, makes it difficult to fit into footwear, and makes the foot very unstable.

Bunions can arise at any age and progress at varying rates.

There are many risk factors in the development of bunions, the most common being Genetics, along with foot type, unsupportive or restrictive footwear, trauma to the foot and lifestyle.

There are a variety of options in treatment of bunions. We recommend the most suitable options to individual patients depending on foot type, stage of development, level of pain and a number of other factors. Treatments can include:

- Footwear recommendations

- Orthotics to support the foot

- Taping

- Referral for surgical opinion/correction