Children’s Feet

We are a CHILD FRIENDLY CLINIC and see many children of varying ages.

We offer a discount for our consults kids under 12.

The most common questions we are asked:

- At what age should you have your child checked by a podiatrist? At any age that you have a concern or question. We see babies as young as a few months old with concerns of foot development, crawling concerns and then on to walking delays or abnormalities and foot posture concerns.

When should I put shoes on my child? Shoes provide protection to the foot when the child starts walking. Before this time and sock or booty is fine to keep feet warm. Even once the child starts walking, it is fine and healthy to have them barefoot if in a warm and safe environment. soft soled/first walker shoes are recommended if outside.

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Do I need to have shoes fitted professionally? We recommend having your childs foot checked for size  by a professional children footwear shop around every 3 months for the first 3 years. If you feel you need your childs foot checked due to concerns in shoe wear or foot position, please have an assessment with us.

Is my childs foot flat? Babies start life with a 'fat pad' in the arch of their foot, so it will often appear flat, but can be totally normal. For peace of mind, it is always worth getting them assessed if you are concerned, especially if there is a family history of flat feet, or your child is complaining of any pain.

Throughout childhood and growth stages, foot injuries can be common. 

If you notice any of the below concerns, it is worth having your child assessed:

  • Excessive wearing of footwear
  • Complains of tired aching legs or feet
  • Feet look like they are “rolling in” or “flat footed”
  • Any sporting injuries In the feet, knees, hips or lower back
  • Complains of walking difficulties or has a tendency to trip over
  • Has had pain in their feet, ankles, knees or hips are doing sporting activities
  • Nail or skin concerns on their feet
  • Has previously worn or currently wears orthotics
  • If you would like footwear or exercise advice