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Flat Feet

We often see patients concerned about 'Flat Feet'. This is a generic term used along with 'Rolling In' or 'Over Pronation'.

When podiatrists assess a foot, there is a position we look for called a 'neutral' foot type.  Everybody's foot will fit somewhere on the scale from extremely flat, neutral or highly supinated or 'high arched' and anywhere in between. 

Just because you have one foot type or another does not necessarily mean you will have pain or problems, but it can give us an idea of how your foot is functioning

Sometime a persons foot type like this can lead to pain and injuries due to strain and overuse of muscles, ligament and tendons along with wear and tear on joints and poor shock absorption. 

After a thorough assessment and history our podiatrists can establish the foot type of you or your childs foot, and can advise on most suitable footwear, stretches and possibly issue arch supports or orthotics if they are required.