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KERYflex Nail Restoration

There is now a new technique on the market which can be applied only by a trained podiatrist called KERYflex nail restoration system.
In as little as 15 minutes our podiatrists can create a realistic, natural looking nail which overlies a damaged nail and is almost completely undetectable.
KERYflex uses a polymer resins and special activators to create a durable, yet flexible artificial nail when exposed to certain frequency of UV light.
Once the nail is in place it can be left natural as it will mimic a real looking nail or painted with nail polish and have nail polish remover applied.
The benefits of this treatment is confidence that your new nail has been applied with sterile instruments and techniques with no concerns of cross contamination leading to infection. The resin material will not further damage the underlying nail like acrylics and gels can. It is also more comfortable and thinner than a conventional “fake nail” and is designed to look natural and seamless with the new nail growing through. This product is both flexible and durable and can last up to 3 months on certain nails.
Please see one of our friendly podiatrists to see if KERYflex is a suitable option for you.