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Plantar Warts

Warts are annoying, especially 'Plantar Warts' which are warts on the foot. Also commonly known as 'verruca'

Warts are a viral infection that has invaded and set up home in you skin cells and your immune system has not yet recognised there is an invader.

In children, warts are more responsive to treatment, in adults they can be a little more stubborn.

The FIRST most important step is a correct diagnoses. WE too often see people who have been incorrectly treating corns or hard skin as a wart and wondering why they weren't responding to 'dry ice' or other painful treatments (when really corns and hard skin are completely different and can usually be easily removed).

After diagnosis, we will offer you the range of treatments available, the pros and cons of each and get started on ridding these nasty things from your feet!